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Tuesday, January 27, 2004 0:14 AM CST

Hello friends!

At long last, I am pleased to bring you a little recap of the happenings in the life of Mark. So here goes!

During the month of December, Mark was privileged to conduct the Festival Choir at Glendale Presbyterian Church during the Advent season. It culminated with a beautiful candlelight service on Christmas Eve. Mark also accompanied on the organ his friend and singer Amy Barnhart, as well as played the postlude.

On Christmas day, he flew to northern California to spend a few days with his family, and specifically some time with him mother. Despite the difficulties of this year's Christmas, in terms of the loss of Mark's father, he reports that a very good time was had by all, remembering the true message of the holiday.

On the 29th, Mark ventured eastward to colder temperatures. I received a call from him that day, asking why the "little plane" he was on was late, and thereby causing him to miss his connection to Boston from San Francisco. I told him that things like weather can really slow down flight operations, and that if the plane ran over his foot, he wouldn't think it was so little anymore! (For those of you who may not be aware, I fly a "little" 31,000lb airplane, and we are proud of all 32 of its seats!) Due to his late arrival that night, he stayed with Grant and Virginia DeVaul before heading up to Ogunquit the following day. The next week was spent in an array of activities. Gary was undergoing outpatient treatment at the time and Mark was with him for each of those. New Years dinner was in the quaint little town of Kennebunkport. To celebrate the New Year, Gary hosted an open house and many, many friends stopped by to say hello and offer their encouragement and support to both Gary and Mark. It also snowed that day and Mark was quite taken with its tranquil beauty. Quite a change from the beauty of 70 degree California weather! He also had the chance to attend worship at Ogunquit Baptist Church and visit with our friends, the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David Clark.

Then it was off to something completely different: Florida! After staying with friends in Boston, Mark flew to Fort Lauderdale to attend the Church Music Explosion at Coral Ridge Presbyterian. Joyce Jones played a wonderful recital and even had Mark come forward to perform one of the encore pieces! He stayed with a friend, George Maass during his visit.

A week later, Mark journeyed to Jacksonville and checked out the Institute for Worship Studies, headed by Dr. Robert Weber, one of my former professors from Wheaton College in Illinois. Mark also was reacquainted with 2 of my friends, who had moved from Pittsburgh to Florida a couple years ago. A small world indeed!Many delightful conversations took place and Mark is excited about some new opportunities for some duet recitals that we can play in the future. Of course, Mark would like to mention his wonderful hosts, David and Cathy Leestma, 2 long time friends and colleagues.

On the 12th of January, Mark returned home to California.

As you have seen on top of the front page of this site, as well as in the guestbook entries, our dear friend Gary DeVaul is undergoing some pretty intense treatment for a rare form of blood cancer. Please check out the guestbook entries and this update section for the latest on Gary's condition. Please pray specifically for the pain that he is suffering from. We know first hand the power of prayer in the life of Mark. Please pray in the same way for Gary now, that he would be comfortable, that his treatment would be effective, and the Doctor's would would be wise and accurate in their work.


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