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Affirmation of Faith and Life, March 21, 2004, Lake Avenue Church, Pasadena, CA. Photographers: Rich Harmel, Silvia Mancini, Jeff Steinhaus. Click on an image to see a larger version.
View from the back of the balcony The auditorium was FULL! Pastor Jerry Johnson and John Sutton (of Lake Avenue Church) Stephanie Edwards, Mistress of Ceremonies The mass choir
Frederick Swann at the organ Frederick Swann at the organ Julian Revie, organist, plays 'All Creatures of Our God and King' Jubilant Sykes sings 'A City Called Heaven' Jubilant Sykes sings 'A City Called Heaven'
Mark sitting in the audience with his prosthetist, Randy Alley and his wife Julie Rebecca Sloat, oboe, Linda White, flute, Dr. Peter Green, piano, play for 'My Shepherd Will Supply My Need' Amy Barnhart, soprano, sings 'My Song in the Night' The Westminster Brass Eric Dale Knapp, Maestro
Mark plays 'Toccata on Hymn to Joy' Mark plays 'Toccata on Hymn to Joy' Mark acknowledges the standing ovation Gary De Vaul and Mark The Offetory prayer, Dr. Murray Dempster, President, Vanguard University of Southern California
Dan Bird directs 'Canticle of Faithfulness' The mass choir John West speaks view from the balcony Eric Dale Knapp, Maestro
Eric Dale Knapp and Gary De Vaul Eric Dale Knapp thanks Janelle Grose Gary De Vaul at his book table Phil and Gary De Vaul at the book table Mark signs music


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